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Since 1962, ABC has designed, manufactured and finished the highest quality stainless steel components and process flow equipment for the ultra-pure applications in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Aseptic food industries.

Regarded as the STAINLESS STEEL CUSTOM BUILDERS, ABC supplies Full drainability Shell & tube Heat Exchangers, Universal Cartridge Filters, High Purity Tanks, Point Of Use Systems and Modular skids with comprehensive documentation packages.


  • Tailor made, BPE compliant, Cross Contamination elimination(Double tube Design), Single & Multipass, Dual-function Heat Exchanger.
  • Tailor made, Multiple filter cartridges suitability, sloped plate drainability design, multi-directional spray wand Filter housing
  • Tailor made temperature control,ASME BPE double tubesheet leak detection compliant Inline sampling/point of use system.



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