LOW ENERGY GENTLE TRANSFER. Aero-mechanical conveying system is a high speed cable and disc conveyor that conveyed with the minimum of degradation and separation, which is particular important with friable and fragile products. The high linear speed imparted to the discs is such as to create air displacement with consequent material fluidisation, high-speed running and significant lower power consumption, which guarantee high efficiency and considerable throughputs.

For Easier and simple materials, mobile solution with a pump can be used for transfer of non-lumping, low density powders.


  • Aero-mechanical conveyer can be used at single point or multiple point across different rooms for transfer of different density dry products.
  • Powder transfer pump will handle different types of process powders, with specific weight from 80 up to 720 kg/m3 dry weight.
  • Economical, convenient & safer way to transfer powder.
  • Manually adjusted air induction system eliminates powder pack up problems when starting the pump.


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Powder Transfer Conveyer
Powder Transfer Pump