WE CUSTOMISE YOU REQUEST. Standard & Highly Customised Hygienic Powder handling equipments from Flexible Connections ,Compensators, weighing & step Bellows, bag clamping system from Full Vacuum to Explosive conditions. We have a solution for almost all your powder handling situations.



  • Compact Dosing Valve system designed for the gentle and precise dosing of solid products.
  • Compact de-dusting and filtering device with an automatic blow-back system allows the filtering and separation of powder particles in the extracted air.
  • Pneumatically / Hand actuated bag holding device with leak tightness up to 10 mbar and containment up to OEB5.
  • Powder discharging system which fluidises powder, providing good flow behaviour and preventing bridge formation.
  • Compact, modular filling system that guarantees hermetically sealed working conditions up to OEB level 5.
  • FDA, ATEX, Antistatic, Abrasive, CIP-able, Weighing, Dosing customised flexible connecting solutions.


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Powder Handling system
Powder Handling modules