Pre-formed Monodose / Single dose Technology allows simple and cost effective set up from Sterility testing to full scale production batches.

Application ranges from Pharmaceutical : ophthalmic products, aerosol solutions, cleansers for nose and ear drops, oral vaccines, syrups and oral products in general.

Used also in Cosmetic : skin conditioners, anti-aging facial serums, eye serums, anti-wrinkles, anti-cellulite compounds, make-up cleanser, gels, hair lotions


  • Production of monodies is performed by injection moulding of the plastic, followed by a separate filling of the ampoules.
  • Completely eliminates preservatives and guarantees system inviolability and totally hygienic use.
  • Excellent for stability testing.
  • PRESERVATIVE FREE BOTTLE best suited for Ophthalmic products.
  • Re-closable containers keep the sterility for 12 hours after opening.


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