Our Solutions


Consumables are often not considered as an integral part of the key component in the manufacturing . However, down time and contamination issues can be a part of an improvement that can be set right to keep the plant in the best and most efficient condition.

At REPASSA, we help you find the suitable material so that your consumables last longer


Component Equipment plays a part to form a larger process for your manufacturing facility.

REPASSA started out with only Hygienic pumps almost 20 years ago, we now have a full range of Components that are used in the Clean Utilities and Process areas.

Capital Equipment (Processing)

Capital Equipment is usually deemed important in your manufacturing plant in terms of large Capital expenses as well as your manufacturing process.

At REPASSA, we represents Brands that has proven quality and has an Innovative approach in the design and usage.

Capital Equipment (Packaging)

When it comes to Fill-finish step in your manufacturing process, it usually involves a number of independent machines up and down stream to complete your process.

The ability to provide a complete integrated solution is what REPASSA can and has been supplying to our customers.

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