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Telstar has extensive experience in designing solutions for all types of applications, especially in the pharmaceutical industry and medical device sector.

Standards for the production of sterile products are continuously becoming higher and require the manufacturer to be able to document the repeatability of the cycles and the full control of the equipment and its functions, that is, validate its processes.

Telstar sterilizers are designed to offer customers flexibility and the guided flow helps you narrow down to the type of suitable Equipment. Talk to us today to understand more!

Telstar’s automatic loading and unloading for any type of sterilization process.

In this application tray elevation is achieved by means of a pneumatic system, with no moving parts inside the chamber

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizers

Since 1992, Telstar has delivered industrial scale EtO (ethylene oxide) sterilization plants ATEX certified, fully documented with appropriate Factory Acceptance Tests, Installation/Operation Qualifications.

Our Solutions & service includes :

  • Cycle development to automatic
  • Loading/unloading systems
  • Parametrical release
  • EEtO monitoring system
  • Complete installation and commissioning of chambers, ancillary equipment and even utility services.


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