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Cream & Ointment Processing Machine

Dinex vacuum- processing unit

Specialized in the manufacturing of toothpastes with various viscosities and ingredients. As a dispersed system with liquid and solid phases, toothpaste generally contains actives, abrasives, humectants, water, surfactants, thickeners, preservatives, colourants, flavourings and sweeteners.

While pastes are characterized by their high viscosity, gels are medium viscous and thin gels have a low viscosity. When it comes to the cleaning effect, abrasiveness (defined by the type and amount of abrasive ingredient and the RDA value) and flouride concentration are key.

The heart of the Dinex is a high- performance rotor-stator homogenizer, uses a vacuum feed to guarantee the homogeneity of the tank’s entire contents.

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Used for fine milling of suspensions and high-viscosity products down to less than 1µm for a smooth feel you required for your creams, ointments, lipsticks and eyedrops.


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