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Simple Separation

Depending on how much water content is your requirement in your filtrate, we have a suitable solution for you.

For high capacity with a small footprint able to process up to 100,000l/hr, we have a solution from our Liquid Solid Separator for applications such as Curds & Whey, Waste water, Wool Scour or Wheat starch Liquor.


How does it work?


• Liquid is either gravity fed or pumped into the inlet at the lower end of the machine. From there it passes into a cylindrical mesh basket where a rotating paddle assembly helps the liquid to pass through the mesh by centrifugal force.

• The retained solids agglomerate inside the mesh basket and are moved to the oversize outlet by a helical scroll on the paddle blade assembly.

• Throughput and the degree of dryness of the solids can be controlled with the optional variable speed gearbox and the tilt angle adjustment of the separator body.

Separation of Corn Mash

Separation of Liquid Nutrient Broth

Separation of Alcohol Grains

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ is a fast and effective separation solution for Distillers, reducing operator handling and disposal costs. The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ increases productivity with high capacity separation of alcohol grains. In this video the rotary machine is used to separate liquids from solids during the distillation process of liquor and spirits. This centrifugal screener is capable of achieving high capacities of up to 100,000 l/hr and utilises a unique screening mechanism which gives it a self-cleaning effect providing optimum separation efficiency
Separation of Gelatinous Starch

Separation for Oat Milk

Separation of Curd from Whey

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