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Lump Breaker

The Oyster™ Hygienic In-line Lumpbreaker is the ideal solution for breaking up lumps that can form in bulk powders and other solid products during storage or transport.


In the Pharmaceutical and Food industries especially, the presence of these agglomerations in the product will seriously disrupt subsequent handling and processing operations if they are not dealt with effectively. The use of the Lumpbreaker enables the user therefore to improve product quality, and reduce downtime in downstream processes.

The Oyster™ Hygienic Lumpbreaker is suitable for installation in discharge and tipping stations and also in loading pipes, to clear lumps prior to pneumatic transfer etc.


Atex Certification II 2GD c IIB T4/T135°C
Diameter DN 200 / 250 / 300 – (8”-10”-12”)
WIP CIP/WIP suitable. Cleaning and Sterilization operations are greatly simplified thanks to the extreme ease of stripping down and reassembly.
Operation Electric gear motor-reducer.

M.O.C. CONTACT PARTS AISI 316L, C22, (other alloys available upon request)
AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS TC BS 4825-3, TC ASME/BPE, TC DIN32676, Weld End, Oyster Docking Collar, Flange, Wafer


In a single step, the DelumpWitt mills bulk goods that have hardened and formed lumps as large as 60 cm over time to finenesses of up to 250 µm.
Hard products and lumps as large as 60 cm are reduced to a fine-flowing powder in a single step. Its construction guarantees significant advantages and it can be used as a stand-alone unit for batch production or for continuous operation. The DelumpWitt sets new standards in milling when it comes to modularity, user and maintenance friendliness

Process data

  • Particle Size rangedown to 250 µm
  • Throughput min – maxup to 11’000 kg/h
  • Densityup to 2 kg/dm3
  • Temperature range productfrom -20°C bis +60°C

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