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For supporting flexible hoses

Hose Supporting System

This simple and easy to install design supports and elevates hose will help eliminate hose abrasion & bacterial entrapment during wash down. The bright yellow design offers safety indication to operators will help ease often workplace safety issues.

Features & Specifications











Golden Bridge Features

  • Safety yellow for high visibility
  • Easy installation – new two piece design
  • Supports and elevates hose and sanitary stainless steel piping systems
  • Eliminates hose abrasion
  • Protects hose fittings from damage
  • Open face design eliminates bacterial entrapment during wash down allowing wash fluids to reach floor drain
  • Raised design lifts hose and stainless steel piping off floor stopping damming and preventing bacterial growth
  • Easy grip handle aides in hose and ss pipe movement, placement and handling
  • Protects floor from damage

Available Sizes

Part Number Hose Size Size Assembled Weight/lbs
GOLDENBRIDGE-8-16-NM 1.4″ to 1.6″ OD 8″ 1.20
GOLDENBRIDGE-8-24-NM 2.04″ to 2.16″ OD 8″ 1.00
GOLDENBRIDGE-8-32-NM 2.6″ to 2.7″ OD 8″ 1.00
GOLDENBRIDGE-10-40-NM 3.1″ to 3.3″ OD 10″ 1.40
GOLDENBRIDGE-10-48-NM 3.6″ to 4.0″ OD 10″ 1.20
GOLDENBRIDGE-10-64-NM 4.7″ to 5.0″ OD 10″ 1.20

For product identification

Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing is sleeved over the flexible hose and using a heat gun to shrink it to provide a colour labelling for your hose. This allows operator to quickly identify hoses for different sectors.

For the Quality Assurance you required

Sanitary screens gaskets ensure a consistent product reaches the consumer and can be used as a means together with the flexible hoses to prevent bigger particle size from reaching the downstream process.

Sight Gauge to see your product conditions

FEP Sight Gaugeis sturdy which makes it favorable for high stress applications and will not impart taste or odor. It allows operators to see the conditions of the product flowability.

To Product your Hose Connection

Rubber Fab’s Hose Donuts are collars for the outer surface of a silicone hose. The hose donut can be used on a silicone hose and fitting for added protection of the hose ends during use and while storing hoses. The silicone hose donut is also great for keeping hose ends off the floor where bacteria may collect.

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