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For applications that are not critical, we offer an economical approach with our FDA PVC hoses. It is designed to transport a wide variety of fluids without imparting odor or taste. Non-toxic, non pyrogenic, and alkaline resistant, these features render our hoses ideal for food/beverage and utilities usage.


The WDAM Hose is a great economical, antimicrobial wash down hose

Unsanitary conditions result in unattractive and tasteless product, spoilage of valuable product, and/or foodborne diseases. Proper cleaning and sanitation is becoming increasingly important as more perishable and hygienically sensitive products enter the marketplace.

Wash Down Rubber Hose with Microban®
COVER: White EPDM Rubber
REINFORCEMENT: Textile reinforced
TEMPERATURE: -40˚F to 200˚F

Microban® antimicrobial protection is built into the hose to fight against damaging microbes. Microban technology works continuously, even in between cleanings, and won’t wash off or wear away with normal use, keeping the hose cleaner longer.

Part Number Hose ID Inch Hose OD Inch Max. Working Pressure @70°F PSIG Weight per FT
08RFWDAM 0.50 0.84 300 0.26
12RFWDAM 0.75 1.17 300 0.42
16RFWDAM 1.00 1.47 300 0.62
WDAM Hose – Antimicrobial Wash Down Hose

With a 363 psi spray nozzle, the Wash Down Spray Nozzle is perfect for efficient cleaning of any space.

Rubber Fab’s Wash Down Spray Nozzle is extremely robust and has a long service life due to its high-quality brass/stainless steel design.

Additionally, it is protected against shock, heat and cold and has a rubber protection against any damage from caustic solutions and acids. The Wash Down Spray Nozzle helps to save considerable water and energy costs, which, along with its chemical-free cleaning capability, contributes to the protection of the environment. The flow can be adjusted from a fine spray to a concentrated jet, making the spray nozzle the right choice for a careful and efficient cleaning for nearly any professional application.


Despite the wire reinforcement, the PVW hose is flexible and great for air lines

Smoothbore FDA PVC Hose with Wire Reinforcement
TUBE: Smoothbore FDA PVC
COVER: Smoothbore FDA PVC
REINFORCEMENT: Steel wire reinforcement
COLOR: Transparent
TEMPERATURE: 25°F to 150°F

Part Number Hose ID Inch Hose OD Inch Bend Radius Inch Max. Working Pressure @ 70°F psig Vacuum Rating @ 70˚F in. Hg. Weight per FT
04RFPVW 0.25 0.46 1.00 150 FULL 0.07
06RFPVW 0.38 0.60 1.50 100 FULL 0.11
08RFPVW 0.50 0.75 2.00 100 FULL 0.15
10RFPVW 0.63 0.89 2.50 50 FULL 0.19
12RFPVW 0.75 1.03 3.00 70 FULL 0.24
16RFPVW 1.00 1.38 4.00 100 FULL 0.44
20RFPVW* 1.25 1.61 5.00 70 FULL 0.50
24RFPVW 1.50 1.86 6.00 50 FULL 0.58
32RFPVW 2.00 2.39 8.00 50 FULL 0.84
36RFPVW* 2.25 2.75 9.00 50 FULL 1.16
40RFPVW 2.50 3.00 10.00 50 FULL 1.38
48RFPVW 3.00 3.50 12.00 50 FULL 1.62

*Bulk hose only

Rubber Fab’s unitized, molded end is our non metallic connection that ensures a smooth, uninterrupted product flow with no bacteria traps.


Are Available In:
• Mini Tri-Clamp®
• Tri-Clamp®

Hose Supporting System

This simple and easy to install design supports and elevates hose will help eliminate hose abrasion & bacterial entrapment during wash down. The bright yellow design offers safety indication to operators will help ease often workplace safety issues.

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