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cGMP Washers

Cleaning is one of the keys to the success in production process in the field of pharmaceutics, diagnostics, cosmetics and high grade food industries.

cGMP Parts Washer

For containers, drums, bottles, funnels, pipes, hoses, sieves, punches, dies, pumps, valves and also machinery parts as well as and production tools are cleaned and completely free of residue by our PDC washer. Various cleaning programs are easily creatable over the colour touch panel. The cleaning programs are storable, repeatable and validated-able. This flexibility of creating cleaning recipes out of pre-stored cleaning phases is guaranteed to meet all user requirements for cleaning, due to the design of our cleaning devices.


Samples of Wash racks

cGMP Drums & Containers washer

For an efficient and thorough cleaning of various containers and drums. Preselection of different uses:

– Container cleaning

– Drum cleaning

– Outside cleaning

The complete cleaning device VCD and its procedure are designed, manufactured and documented according to the current GMP and security technical demands, concerning the personal security as well as the unit protection.


Non GMP Washers


For Non-GMP cleaning of IBC’s (plastic or metallic) and mixing tanks. Developed with a modular design, Basca washing machine can be configured to your specific needs, and even upgrade if your production grows or changes over time. Basca washing machine can be configured to clean multiple products with solvent, water, or both cleaning media through a high-pressure jet or brushes.

Bins & Basket washing

  • 3 minute average cleaning time

  • 90 Lt. storage tank

  • Stainless steel cleaning chamber

  • Transportable and easy to use

  • Fully Pneumatic

  • Plug & Play

  • Compact Layout

  • Cost efficient

Suitable for:

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