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For high abrasive applications

Expansion Joints for Full Vacuum Abrasive Applications

Saving your downtime is a key word here. Style 404 Expansion Joints are specially designed for full vacuum and pressure service in abrasive applications. The tube material is a proprietary urethane formulation. It can connect pipe flanges in concentric or eccentric tapers to join piping of unequal diameters and connect misaligned piping.


Recommended on applications where flammable liquids are being used or in fire water systems.

»» Consists of several layers of fiberglass fabric with a surface cover of silver-colored high temperature resistant silicone aluminum-glass fabric

»» Tested to ISO 1554 at 800˚C for 30 mins for fire resistance

»» Split design which allows for easy installation or inspection

»» Cover is oil resistant and provides added protection against

weathering and aging of the expansion joints


Type of Movements within the piping system

An expansion joint is a specially engineered product inserted in a piping system in order to protect it. For example, movements due to thermal expansion, vibrations of pumps and misalignments due to installation tolerances can be compensated by expansion joints. Therefore they must be resistant to the process conditions and the external influences.

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