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Sampling / Point of Use Systems

ABC Sampling / POU system design employs a continuous flow of process fluid through the system when idle (Figure 1). This operation allows instant availability of process fluid and the system remains sterile at all times. Other modes of operation include Hot Use/Sample (Figure 2), Purge (Figure 3), Cold Use/Sample (Figure 4).

Clean In Place (CIP)

Allegheny Bradford Corporation’s automated POU System allows for CIP of the system whenever the process fluid supply line is cleaned.

Steam In Place (SIP)

Allegheny Bradford Corporation POU System will support SIP operation. Required to enable this capability is an updated PLC program. This can be ordered with the unit, or retrofitted to an existing system. Additional piping would be required to supply condensate piping, 1 steam trap, and a drain for the disposal of the condensate.

Features & Benefits

• Designed with a single use point that can be configured as a low point drain during CIP and SIP operations

• ASME BPE double tubesheet leak detection compliant

• Continuous flow through system ensures constant sterility

• 316L stainless steel seamless construction, with surface finishes down to <15 Microinches Ra. & Electropolished available

• Accurately designed Pitot tube for optimum flow

• Complete documentation & turn-over packages. Systems are provided with full traceability, including (MTR’s) and  welding logs for all process contact materials. Data sheets are supplied with every design

• Many software programming options available

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