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For Inline High Shear Mixing & Dispersing

The ultimate in high shear mixing and dispersing, meeting the tight tolerances required in high shear applications while maintaining extremely efficient flow.

The curved wedge rotor and stator design of the SHEAR-max make it one of the most efficient and hygienic designs on the market. The SHEAR-max will disperse, dissolve, emulsify, de-agglomerate, homogenize, or simply blend.

Designed for single pass or batch style processing of liquids and semi-solids this high shear mixer is extremely effective at hydrating and dispersing powders. The innovative wedge style rotor allows solids into the shear zone while efficiently employing motor horsepower. The single or dual stage stator provides superior clean-ability and tight rotor / stator tolerances.

Machined from 316L stainless steel bar stock this mixer is built to last. Wash-down and CIP capability with optional chemical duty designs available.


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