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Established in Pianoro in 1974 by virtue of the shrewd intuition of Massimo Marchesini, over the years the company has grown from a small, local business into a major industrial enterprise, thanks to a continuous process of mergers and acquisitions of complementary companies. Marchesini is one the world leaders when it comes to Filling, Packaging, Inspection & End of Line Packaging for Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Industries. Despite its present-day multinational dimension, the group has never betrayed the human spirit and artisan production that characterised its early days, and these traits still exist today alongside the latest innovations in robotics and digitalisation.




Labelling, Tamper Evident, Track & Trace

Automatic labeller for the application of the vignette label onto the main panel and of two self-adhesive Tamper Evident seals on the closure point of formed cartons. Machine designed for carton Track&Trace by means of 2D (Datamatrix) codes printing on line and subsequent verification with camera vision systems

Machine for carton labelling and Track&Trace
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