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The multi-functional NP-RD30 comes equipped with features that can take you all the way from R&D through production. NP-RD30 replicates the design and functionality of a full-scale production press with the analytical capabilities of an R&D machine.

  • Gravity Feed Frame and Hopper Options
  • Single-tablet Mode
  • Combination Caster/Levelers
  • Push-button, Self-adjusting Lower Punch Retainers
  • Gravity or Dual-Paddle Force Feeder w/Angled Plow Design
  • Optimized Fill Cam Design
  • Separate Mechanical and Compression Zones

While designed to meet the needs of research and development teams, the NP-RD30 could be used as a small tablet production press.



Whether you need a medium-output, small footprint press, a heavy-duty, high-output workhorse, or a machine capable of continuous manufacturing, Natoli offers you a choice of press that will meet your tablet production needs.

All Natoli presses comes with Natoli AIM™ Control System which acquires and reports critical tablet production data in an integrated 21 CFR Part 11–compliant system architecture.

NP-155 – This double-sided rotary tablet press provides significant versatility for delivering exceptional tablet quality, consistency, and production.

NP-255 – This rotary tablet press boasts features essential for successful mid-sized tableting without the full-scale price.

NP-400 – This low-maintenance rotary tablet press has a long list of standard features that allow press operators to simply setup and walk away.

NP-500 – This heavy output rotary tablet press was designed specifically to extend compression dwell time, reducing the need for pre-compression

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