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FlexMill combining multiple, milling processes in a single, milling platform

FlexMill allows you to alternate, depending on your production
requirements, between 5 milling heads for size-specific
crushing, fine grinding, de-agglomeration, or controlled sifting.

FLEXIBILITY – Incomparable versatility: FlexMill allows you
to adapt your milling platform easily and quickly, to suit your
current or future production requirements, regardless of your
manufacturing environment or production site.

PERFORMANCE – Enhanced by a factor of 5: FlexMill proves
its capabilities with the same degree of flexibility across the
entire range of your processing needs, from small batch to
large-scale production.

SAVINGS – Enhanced return on investment and lower cost
of ownership: FlexMill integrates three milling processes
into a single platform, allowing you to use up to 5 different
heads and reduce investment costs by 70%!

Additional Features

• 5 milling heads, easily interchangeable on a single Tri-Clamp flange

• Auto-detection of milling heads and auto-adjustment of associated speed ranges

• Continuous monitoring of operation status with integrated diagnostics

• Integration and management of production formulas in the machine

• Real-time monitoring and reporting of process parameters

• CFR Part 11 functions integrated in the control module

• Available for products with MIE >1 mJ without inerting process


Available in a mobile version with integrated lifting system for ATEX zones 1 and 21

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