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For Sampling of powder and solids sampling (Without the need for O-ring Sealing) 

Almost all FAMAT sampling valves are based on our patented Expanding Piston Technology EPT®. 

The patented system inside this piston allows the PTFE external coat to expand and insure a perfect tightness from vacuum up to full rating pressure 10 bar (145 psi). 

The advantage of having an expandable piston inside the valve is to eliminate the need for O-rings that can be damaged during valve operation, and consequently generate contamination (dust) for production. 


This new compact OEL High-Containment sampling device (Fig.1) enables the removal of the sample under contained conditions. The OEL (Occupational Exposure Limits) describes the maximum concentration of a hazardous substance which can be tolerated in the air of the production room without any negative effect to the health of the operator.

OEB (Occupational Exposure Band) : OEB4 1-10 μg/m3 


  • Sampler without dead space
  • Applicable for vertical pipe
  • Adjustable piston length according customer request
  • Manual or actuated version
  • 70 ml* sampling with each single operation (*other on request)


This valve is used for products that could clog inside the dryer or vessel and block the piston. To eliminate the risk of this impeding product flow into the sampling valve, FAMAT sampling has developed the 125CC. With this type of valve, the piston will break the crust before the sample is taken. 

  1. Remove the security device 
  2. Turn the red handwheel clockwise to move the piston into the dryer to break the crust 
  3. Once the crust has been broken, proceed with the standard sampling by means of the black handwheel, to get the sample inside the bottle 


The mechanical locking device secures the sampling procedure. 

  1. The sampling bottle can only be removed if the piston is completely closed. 
  2. The piston can only be opened if the sampling bottle is coupled to the outlet. 

The sample is taken in the same way as the standard FAMAT sampling valve. The indicator shows the position of the piston. This indicator must read “closed ” to allow the security lock to be moved to the open position. Only then the sampling bottle can be removed from its bayonet coupling. The piston is locked inside the valve until the sample bottle is refitted and the security lock is moved to “closed”. 

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