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Total Solution for Disinfection BY Ultraviolet (UV) Brand : NUVONIC UV

We are proud to present innovation. Disinfection with Ultraviolet (UV) light, which is designed to respond to Standards in the production process in various applications for safety. and maximum reliability in the production process of users, which our products are designed for Kills and inhibits the growth of Micro organisms in water, air and surfaces which will prevent infection to the product.

Why choose NUVONIC UV?

  • Advanced Technology: Our UV disinfection system uses advanced technology. For the goal of eliminating micro organisms, including viruses, bacteria. and other harmful microorganisms which are present in the water, air and on surfaces that come into contact with the product.
  • Sterilization efficiency: with a fast microbial sterilization process. Our products ensure quick and effective control of infections on surfaces, air and water. Helps you keep it clean and can be continuously Disinfection.
  • SAFETY FIRST: NUVONIC UV prioritizes safety in every aspect of our designs. Our products have built-in safety features to protect users from UV exposure. For the safety of users in every use

The function of ultraviolet (UV) light to Disinfection

UV disinfection technology uses ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy the cellular structure of micro organisms and viruses. Especially the part related to the growth and spread of microorganisms. by system design Ultraviolet (UV) light sterilization creates high intensity UV rays with the right wavelength to destroy microorganisms without causing side effects to other organisms in the environment.


Which generally uses a light frequency of 254 nm for use in disinfection purposes.

NUVONIC UV products Our UV disinfection solutions are designed to meet a variety of needs. of various industries including:

  • NUVONIC UV water sterilizer: UV light sterilization in water to disinfect and maintain water to maintain cleanliness and purity of water. with high efficiency Suitable for industrial use and advanced production processes


  • NUVONIC UV air sterilization: UV light sterilization in the air to prevent microorganisms. In cleanroom areas or rooms in advanced production processes With a highly efficient UV air sterilization system Suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, beverage industry. and advanced production processes


  • NUVONIC UV surface disinfection: UV light disinfection on surfaces to protect against microorganisms. In production lines that require high cleanliness Prevent infection between products (Cross Contamination) with a highly efficient UV surface disinfection system. Suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, meat processing industry.


Calculations for designing a UV disinfection system

   For the efficiency of use in UV sterilization to be highly effective. By calculating to be consistent with the intended use.

Application for UV Disinfection

Highlight products for UV sterilization

We are proud to present the latest version of NUVONIC UV. Model : Pharmaline ECO.


Pharmaline ECO is the latest generation UV that combines innovations in UV light sterilization and UV light intensity control for maximum sterilization efficiency. It’s a guarantee. Eliminating microorganisms and maintaining product quality The innovations that have been contained in Pharmaline ECO include:

  • Adjustable Ballast Power to adjust the intensity of UV light to suit use at different flow rates in each range.


  • UV Intensity Meter to check the true intensity of UV light.




Experience a different experience from NUVONIC UV.

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