Water is the most widely used material in the Pharma & Biotech and related industries such as medical products and

Most processes in these industries require water and other clean media that meet the legal standards as defined
in international pharmacopoeias. The main quality definitions are for potable water, purified water (PW), highly purified
water (HPW), water for injection (WFI) and pure steam.

BWT Pharma & Biotech is the world-wide leading provider of clean utility systems for pharma-, biotech and cosmetics industry. With over 50 years’ experience and with the industrial industry-leading spectrum of technologies and products BWT is providing optimal solutions for all clean utility applications.

  • SEPTRON Line 31/61 VAL. Professional compact standard system for production of PW / HPW in combination with a pre-treatment system.
  • OSMOLINE 210/310. Compact and hot water sanitizable(>80°C) PW  / HPW generation system in combination with a pre-treatment system.
  • OSMOTRON®PRO PW. The world’s most popular skid-mounted water treatment system for production of PW / HPW.
  • ULTRASTIL. Pre-treatment systems for difficult raw water conditions (i.e. high SDI raw water) to improve the feed water quality.
  • LOOPO C. Storage, distribution and monitoring systems for cold / ambient temperature PW/HPW. The modular compact systems integrate all technologies controls and analytical equipment for a safe operation and GMP conforms online monitoring of loop systems.
  • LOOPO H. Storage, distribution and monitoring systems for hot PW/HPW/WFI.
  • MULTISTILL. Water for Injections generator
  • VAPOTRON. Pure steam generators
  • COMBITRON. PS and WFI generator

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