Advance Clean Room Insulation


Our advanced insulation system is specifically developed for stainless steel process lines in clean environments. They require no jacketing and have a temperature range of – 48 ̊C (- 55 ̊F) to 155 ̊C (311 ̊F). With a wall thickness of only 6.35 mm (1⁄4”), they save space and allow for insulating areas that cannot be covered using existing methods.

Installation is easy and fast with custom moulded fittings and an overlapping self-adhering tape. It possesses excellent moisture, chemical and UV resistance along with low smoke, flame and toxicity properties. Their fine, closed-cell nature allows for cutting and installing in clean environments without the use of bags or hoods.

Our solution has achieved the ‘Specification Tested” Status against the FM 4910 Factory Mutual Clean Room Materials Flammability Test Protocol. They have also successfully completed Factory Mutual’s 4924 Pipe Chase Flammability Test.

  • T-Tubes® are made with the only foam in the world compliant with the FM Approvals 4910 standard for clean room materials.
  • Reusable, installation of 0.9m length in less than 1 min.
  • Special box type for easy insulation of odd shaped equipment.
  • 6.35mm thickness perfect for tight spaces.
  • Temperature range of -80°C to 160°C.

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