Dry Milling & Sieving


A world leader in powder size reduction technologies, presents FreDrive (3 PROCESSES – 5 MILLING HEADS – ONE SYSTEM), an innovative technology combining multiple, milling processes in a single, milling platform dedicated to the pharmaceutical, chemical and food products industries.

Oscillating and rotating sieve mill is used for the gentle milling and deagglomeration of heat-sensitive and difficult-to-process products to a fineness of 250 µm.

In One Single Delumping & MillingStep, bulk goods that have hardened and formed lumps as large as 60 cm over time are Delump and mill to finenesses of up to 250 µm.

  • Granulator Bowl volume from 0.25L to 1800L.
  • Through feeding using the patented Combi-Vent-Feeder®, the air, which is displaced during the compaction process, is allowed to escape properly through a second chamber of the feed hopper without disruption of the feed. This leads to a uniform feed of raw material into the rollers.
  • Patented granulator in Diagonal-Design®, which raises the capacity up to 100 % by increasing the effectiveness of the working area of the screen
  • Fluid Bed Dryer volume from 22L to 1170L.
  • Compact Granulation System combines Mixer-Granulator and Fluid Bed Dryer into a compact system which is suitable for a plant that has restricted space.
  • Vertical Centrifugal Tablet Coater reduces process time, thermal & mechanical product stress.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

  1. Interpack 2021

    February 25 - March 3
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