Powder Sampling Valves


Patented expandable PTFE piston design eliminates the need for a gasket and ensure a perfect tightness from vacuum up to 10 bar (145 psi). The piston will be flush with the connection point, leaving no dead space.

The material of valve to be in either SS316L or Hastelloy. Various sampling bottles & containers allow valves to be used in different conditions from products that stick to the vessel wall to highly toxic products that require maximum containment.

  • Pressure from full vacuum up to 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Temperature from -20°C (-4°F) up to 180°C (360°F)
  • “Easy Clean” design allows piston to be removed from the valve housing with minimum of effort allowing full cleaning
  • Crust breaking option for products which could stick inside the dryer or vessel and block the piston
  • Installation of fibre optic probe to measure temperature, PH, humidity and/or composition of the product
  • Compact OEL High-Containment sampling device allows the removal of a product sampled under contained conditions.
  • Can be equipped with cleaning in place feature, to guarantee the perfect cleaning of internal parts of the valve in all condition.

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