Vacuum Dryer & Pump


Your Vacuum Drying Specialist.  More than 70 years of experience in vacuum process applications in the Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Cosmetics Industries. This includes manufacturers of active principle ingredients (API), fine chemicals, intermediates and granulated plastics.

  • Patented Horizontal Paddle Vacuum Dryer combines plantary and axial agitation movement with an eccentric agitator to reduce 3 times less mechanical & thermal stress on the product.
  • Extremely high final vacuum values (under 0.01 mbar) and very low final moisture values.
  • Vacuum Piston Pump which uses 10-15 gram/hr of lubricating oil achieve very low vacuum pressure best suited for non-stop 24 hours operation.
  • Complete recovery of extracted solvents under continuous operating conditions.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

  1. PROPAK ASIA 2020

    October 20 - October 23
  2. CPHI South East Asia 2020

    November 4 - November 6
  3. Japan Expo, Yangon, Myanmar

    November 5 - November 7
  4. Interpack 2021

    February 25, 2021 - March 3, 2021
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