Pharmaceutical Washing & Handling Equipments


A worldwide market leader in drums, containers and process equipment modules in stainless steel. Innovation in Stainless Steeldirection features a range of technically sophisticated products, embracing drums, containers, hoppers, handling equipment, dust-free powder handling units, emptying systems for viscous products and process equipment modules.

Product handling systems require good water-saving pulsation rinsing process cleaning systems for applications in the areas of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, hygiene, cosmetics, flavours and fragrances, food, mineral oil, paints and coatings, semiconductors, warehousing, and distribution.

  • cGMP Cleaning Systems for various equipment allows cleaning programs to be storable, repeatable and valuable.
  • Drum & Container handling system uses Electromechanical drives for all machine functions with relay control system or PLC.
  • Blending column for drums & containers mix powders or granules reliable and track blending settings for quality assurance.
  • Mobile handling equipment transport, life, invert & empty loads of up to 350kg.
  • Pallet transfer units ensure manufacturing quality from grey zone to white zone.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

  1. Interpack 2021

    February 25 - March 3
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