Tablet Deduster & Metal Detector


Tablet Dedusting + Metal detector gains efficiency gains through innovation. Another Swiss made technology.

  • Control of deduster, metal detector & diverter with one touch-screen. Dust tight window and <68dB of quiet operation.
  • Acceleration Sensor that assures constant vibration, independent of the load/amount of tablets in the deduster.
  • Compact Design that is easy to assemble & disassemble. Patented drive unit & Vibration free housing.
  • Ultra High Sensitive metal detector detects 0.22 mm Ferrous, 0.28 mm Non-ferrous & 0.37 mm AISI316.
  • Continuous Auto-Test Function ensuring maximum production safety.
  • Continuous Embedded Self-Calibration Control for maximum repeatability and performance consistency with environmental changes.

Coming Soon!



Upcoming Exhibitions

  1. Interpack 2021

    February 25 - March 3
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